Our Services

Beacon Endowment Solutions is the only offering of its kind in Canada, combining professional portfolio management AND charitable advisory services.

Professional Portfolio Management

At Beacon Endowment Solutions, our portfolio management is deeply rooted in a strong sense of fiduciary duty. We prioritize providing solutions that align closely with the best interests of our clients, who themselves hold fiduciary responsibilities.

Our Approach Involves Charity-Focused Portfolio Management:

  • Tailored Investment Strategies: Custom-designed to meet the unique financial goals and risk profiles of each charity.
  • Investment Objective Setting:  Combining a Focus on Short-term and Long-term needs
  • Impactful Investment Strategies: Options that reflect the values and ethical considerations important to your organization
  • Charity-Focused Investing: Understanding your organization’s tax-exempt status and a variety of stakeholder interests

Charitable Advisory Services

Our expert team offers a suite of advisory services aimed at elevating the effectiveness and impact of your charitable activities, including:

  • Fundraising Strategy Development: Innovative and effective methods to boost donor engagement and funding
  • Compliance and Regulatory Guidance: Ensuring your charity navigates the complexities of legal and regulatory frameworks effectively.
  •  Legacy and Planned Giving Programs: Creating long-term giving strategies that resonate with donors and sustain your charity’s mission.
  • Staff and Board Training: Ensuring your team understands the basics of endowment building

Our Value Proposition

Beacon Endowment Solutions  is the only offering of its kind in Canada, combining professional portfolio management and charitable advisory services.

Our goal is to provide sustainable growth through a low-cost solution that combines:

  • Enhanced Donor Engagement
  • First-class Investment Management
Beacon Endowment Solutions

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