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Beacon Endowment Solutions helps charities manage and grow their endowments. 

We see endowments as an opportunity for charities to build their capacity by creating a long-term sustainable source of funding.  We help you build and grow your endowment through:

  • Strategic, cost-effective investment management
  • Donor engagement
  • Planned and legacy giving strategies

At Beacon Endowment Solutions, we are dedicated to serving the unique needs of small to medium-sized Canadian charities. As a joint venture between Inukshuk Capital Management and Spire Philanthropy, we offer a comprehensive suite of services combining expert charitable advisory solutions and professional portfolio management.

Our Services

Focused on the intersection of philanthropic guidance and financial acumen, we provide tailored solutions in fundraising strategy, compliance guidance, investment policy assistance, and institutional-grade portfolio management.

Empowering Charitable Organizations
for a Sustainable Future

Explore how Beacon Endowment Solutions can help your charity navigate the complexities of
endowment building to achieve long-term success.